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Tweets from strangers in timeline

Submitted Dec 08 by Charles

Are seeing tweets from strangers in your Home timeline? If so, please read on:


Where did that tweet come from?

We've received reports from users who are seeing an occasional tweet from a user they do not follow in their Home timeline. If you have seen a tweet or two in your Home timeline which is from a user you are not currently following, chances are you are experiencing this issue. Please be sure that the tweet from a stranger is not a retweet. Retweets look different than regular tweets:


If you are able to confirm that the tweet from a stranger in your Home timeline is not a retweet, continue reading.


What to do:

We would greatly appreciate information about your situation if you are affected by this issue. Please include the following information in the comments section below:

  1. Your username (Please note that usernames do not contain spaces)

  2. The username of the stranger in your Home timeline

  3. A link to the tweet from the stranger

Bonus information:

  • A link to a screenshot of the tweet from a stranger in your Home timeline (post the image on a photo-sharing website)


Please do not comment more than once



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My username is zombiecharmer, and this non-RT tweet from a stranger just showed up in my timeline: ; As you can see, the person's name is joaovitorxavier.  Thanks for looking into this!

Dec-08 2009 11:50.
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My username is cogitodexter - seeing random tweets in my timeline from people I've never heard of and which aren't retweets. One example from user "" which is a protected user anyway: I'm not a follower and shouldn't be able to read their tweets at all. is the screenshot of it in place.

Dec-08 2009 12:01.
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Hello. My username is may_kwok. There is a tweet from a stranger News_Germany, who I do not follow. Screenshot here: The link in the reply (if that is what you mean the link to the tweet to the stranger is) Thanks!
Dec-08 2009 12:12.
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I also just saw a protected tweet show up in my timeline from a total stranger. My user name: the_meghatron . Their username: chizu_barcinas. Link to the tweet: Here is the picture of the tweet, complete with lock icon, in my timeline: and here is the picture of the user's profile page, showing that I should not be allowed to see their tweets: . This is a serious security issue that needs to be resolved ASAP.
Dec-08 2009 12:15.
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username is roxpaul, the random person is TheTruEssence. It's definitely not a retweet, and I have no idea who this person is.  Doubly weird because both her and my tweets are protected.  Thanks for looking into it!

Dec-08 2009 12:35.
User photo

username = shakay13z  stranger = India_Headlines ( ; the tweet =

screen shot = <a href="" title="message from stranger in  my  home page timeline on Twitpic"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="message from stranger in  my  home page timeline on Twitpic"></a>

Dec-08 2009 12:42.
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my username is djirdjirak and I received two tweets from complete strangers today, one was from an account called blackstar (I blocked and reported for spam, but seeing these diff. comments, I wonder if that was the right thing to do) and another tweet from an accoutn called camytzi  - unfortunately I don't really know how to find the link to the tweet - what is for sure these two were no retweets ! and not addressed to me

Dec-08 2009 12:43.
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my username is jackgraycnn and I just got a tweet on my home timeline from someone I don't follow.

username: nxzeiras

Dec-08 2009 12:52.
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Username hollyinfrance, a tweet from user blackstar appeared in my timeline today. I contacted blackstar, who had appeared in other users timelines too (check tweets from/to my account to find the others involved if necessary), and they were not aware of the issue or why it had happened. Sorry this was some time ago, I can't find the exact tweet which appeared. Will try to do a screenshot if it happens again! Thanks for reading.

Dec-08 2009 12:57.
User photo

username: camelus_minimus


No, picture made...

Dec-08 2009 12:57.
User photo

my username: soophie

stranger: AforArin

link to tweet:

no picture made

Dec-08 2009 13:12.
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This person's twitter appeared in my feed: and I do not follow him. My username is kbear. This isn't the first incident, but didn't find the help forum on what to do until after I had blocked the user.
Dec-08 2009 13:13.
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My username is landley.  Here's the screen shot of the non-RT tweet from a stranger, which is still there in my timeline if you hit "more" a couple times:

The spurious tweet lives at:

It was from somebody I've never heard of, and in reply to somebody else I've never heard of, and they're speaking in a foreign language.  It appears totally random.  (Some kind of sha1sum collision?)


(On a separate note, gone into most users I follow and blocked Horrible Retweets, but I'm still seeing them from users I've blocked Horrible Retweets from.  Fresh ones showing up days after I've blocked that.  I should open a new bug about that.)

Dec-08 2009 13:17.
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  1. Your username (Please note that usernames do not contain spaces) : clawra

  2. The username of the stranger in your Home timeline : JejeKeenan

  3. A link to the tweet from the stranger :


Bonus information:

  • A link to a screenshot of the tweet from a stranger in your Home timeline (post the image on a photo-sharing website) :

i dont even understand the tweet. the language i mean. lol

Thanks in advance! :)

Dec-08 2009 14:12.
User photo

My username: intrepia

Stranger's username: GemmaGrace

Link to tweet:


Dec-08 2009 14:16.
User photo

me: rdenmark


the tweet: (it's in response to someone who I also do not follow and more concerning, ivie_B has a private profile)

image at:

Dec-08 2009 14:16.
User photo

1. @andrejsjerkins

2. @deanne5253


Dec-08 2009 14:27.
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My username is: thatsmiller The unknown Tweeter's username is: ayulalala The tweet is: Thanks
Dec-08 2009 14:51.
User photo
User photo

My username is: arlaneenalra The unknown user is: Luis_Batides   The tweet is:

Dec-08 2009 15:09.
User photo

Username: jlmorrison
unknown user: caroliine_l

tweet link:

Dec-08 2009 15:53.
User photo

me - @alaaro

them - @lareldunnell

their tweet -

handful of others, this is the latest.

Dec-08 2009 15:56.
User photo

1) My user name is Izandra.

2) The unknown user's name is Ashes_Within, and it is a protected user.

3) Link to the tweet that appeared on my timeline:

4)  Sorry, am at work, can't do picture.


Dec-08 2009 16:23.
User photo
Username: rayk58 unknown user: MargaritoHumis tweet link: screenshot:
Dec-08 2009 16:56.
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